The Pros And Cons Of Nuclear Power Plant

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This report address the issue of whether or not Japan should shut down their nuclear fleet. Down below you will able to read about why Japan should phase out their nuclear power stations.
What It Is
For water to be able to turn into steam, enough heat needs to be developed. A nuclear power plant is a facility that can produce a large amount of electricity.
A nuclear power plant takes nuclear energy and reforms it into useable power. The reactor in a nuclear power plant generates heat, which is usually used to drive a generator and in turn drives an electric generator
Where It Is Found
Its Efficiency
The nuclear power used within nuclear power plants does not produce harmful gases because it does not burn fuels. It is also said to be cheap because to create energy, only a small amount of fuel is required. More specifically, 2 lbs (1 kg) of uranium actually creates as much energy as 3,000 tons of coal. Large amounts of energy are released when the nucleus, of a material like uranium is split up. Power plants that use coal, gas and oil, need large amounts to create electricity. But, nuclear power plants only need a small amount of fuel to make electricity.
Since the coal, gas and oil supply is slowly decreasing it is becoming more costly, considering the fact that they are not renewable. Even though uranium may not be renewable, there are much smaller amounts that are being used by it compared to coal, gas and oil. Unlike fossil fuels that release harmful gases when we burn them, this causes global warming because the gases will capture heat around the earth. This is not produced by nuclear power plants.
Technologies used in the energy source explained fully
There are different types of nuclear power plants. The most com...

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... can harm people and the natural world itself.
A nuclear power plant could overheat which leads to a meltdown. This occurs when the nuclear reactor becomes so hot after it burns, resulting in it to melt. Because the heat from the equipment after it explodes becomes so extreme that it can burn right through concrete walls. This could allow the deadly radioactive material to make its way out and kill anything that may be nearby.
Workers may also make a mistake while working, which can cause a meltdown breakdown.
Overall, nuclear radiation is very powerful and can affect many people and wildlife, such as causing illness or deaths. Exposure towards the children of people may be born with illnesses of disabilities as well. When it comes to proving the link between radiation and ill health it is not always easy.
Economic Concerns
Political Concerns
Environmental Concerns
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