The Pros And Cons Of Nuclear Power And Nuclear Energy

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Nuclear Power
Nuclear power is a very strong yet dangerous element, it has made a huge impact on our economy. Most technology now is powered by Nuclear energy. In many cases the main focus on Nuclear Energy is its advantages (pros), yet no one really pays attention to the dis advantages in Nuclear Energy (cons). But to produce electricity from Nuclear Power, the Nuclear Plant makes a chain reaction, this reaction is then created by a very heavy nuclei that are capable of nuclear fission.
The arguments for Nuclear Power are very believable and can lead to economy growth. For example, Nuclear Power is not likely to cause global warming. Global warming is a very popular and sad thing that is happening today in the world. For example in Antarctica all the species including Polar Bears, Penguins, white wolfs, and other land animals. Nuclear Power does not cause Global warming which can save many animal lives.
Another positive note is that this powerful energy is relevant, which means it does not have to be created. If this energy was too relevant then we humans would have to try and c...

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