The Pros And Cons Of Nuclear Energy

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The choice about nuclear energy
Audience: People or community who are looking forward the truth of nuclear energy.
Summary: In this paper I will discuss the overall of nuclear energy to rectify some misconception. I will give the advantages and disadvantages for using nuclear energy and let the readers understand the basic idea of it.

Executive Summary:

Introduction and Background:

In the recent years, nuclear energy has gotten a comprehensive development. There are over 430 commercial nuclear power reactors operable in 31 countries, with over 370,000 MWe of total capacity. About 70 more reactors are under construction, and these numbers are still rising up (World Nuclear Association, 2014).
As such an efficient and quick developed energy, nuclear energy has raised public attention. There are good reasons for government to support nuclear energy industry; the often alluded is its best qualities to give off lots of energy, which are with little greenhouse emission, from little amounts of uranium. On contrast, because of the Chernobyl disaster in 1986 and meltdowns in Fukushima, many people are starting to concern safety problem about nuclear energy. Also Nuclear waste is radioactive so therefore is harmful to humans, animals and plants so consequently has to be sealed up and contained for hundreds of years before it is safe to deposit into the environment (Parke, 2010). In this issue, no doubt government has a crucial role in whether nuclear power plants should be built or not

The issue:
People make them take apart to two groups in using nuclear energy. The opponent seems to hold strong hostility to nuclear energy and has organized many parades. On con...

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