The Pros And Cons Of Nuclear Energy

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Nuclear Energy Alec Glynn Honors 10 B Mrs. Ryan 10 January 2014 Hr. 3 Nuclear energy opposition is presented from a small vocal group of people, not the mass majority. Nuclear energy offers many beneficial aspects. One of these is the reduced consumption of fossil fuels, and non-renewable resources. More examples are the safe operation of plants for decades, as well as the practicality due to the availability of technology and capital. On March 11, 2011 a devastating tsunami swept across the Japanese seaboard, just after an earthquake had also shook the area. These compounded disasters lead to the nuclear reactors in Fukushima loosing their cooling system. As a result of this loss, over the coming days the nuclear cores all melted, releasing toxic radiation into cooling water. The outcome of this disaster caused us to re-evaluate how practical and safe nuclear energy use is. However, when you step back to view the facts, this “disaster” seems less disastrous. The radiation-affecting humans were in the dosage of 1 millirem, much less than the six millirems delivered by a common x-ray. Since 1956 when the focus shifted from nuclear warfare to nuclear technology, it has been used in multiple nations, rendering it one of the primary forms of energy production. Nuclear energy, despite opposition, provides a safe, practical, and environmentally friendly energy solution. Nuclear energy is a necessity in the fight to reverse the trend of dramatic climate change. Right now, seventy-seven percent of all power in the United States is produced using fossil fuels (which are not sustainable) and renewable resources. These resources and the byproducts of fossil fuels will only further contribute to climate chang... ... middle of paper ... ...r initial fees are nothing when the plant operating costs of a nuclear plant are far below that of a conventional plant. The second main problem to overcome is the exaggerated fears possessed by people today, fueled by media stories only looking for the worst parts of nuclear energy. Although most people are in support of or are neutral about nuclear energy, a small outspoken group of individuals believes that the nuclear program is detrimental to our future. Another group of people is those who are simply scared by the term “radiation” despite the fact that it poses no significant health risk to the body. Many people’s first thought of nuclear energy is the occurrences such as Fukushima and Chernobyl, and thoughts of how great of a investment it is but nuclear energy despite opposition provides a safe, practical, and environmentally friendly energy solution.
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