The Pros And Cons Of Neuroscience

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Psychology entails the study of human behavior and mind. It also involves an applied science and an academic discipline that seek to understand groups and individual by establishing general values and researching particular cases. In the field of psychology, professional practitioners known as a psychologist are classified as the behavioral, cognitive, or social scientist. These practitioners attempt to comprehend the role of individual mental functions and their social behavior. The psychologists apply the psychological knowledge when assessing and treating individuals with mental health problems. The process helps in understanding and resolving problems in numerous spheres of human actions. Psychology involves therapeutic role, counseling, or clinical practicing. This research entails detailed discussion pertaining psychology process. It also describes the neural system, and it functions with human being behavior. The study also describes the individual emotional responses from a behavioral perspective and neurobiological basis of emotions. Keywords: psychology, behavioral, functions, health problems, responses, treating What is Neuroscience? Neuroscience involves the scientific study…show more content…
The pills work fast when an individual need to sleep and become energize for the next day activities. A person become addicted if consumed for an extensive period due to overdependence, thus resulting in serious health damage, which represents the major sleeping pills setback. The pills sometimes affect the next day mental performance because it causes memory lapses which affect brain operation. Continued use of the pills can also result from depression and cancer. The pills offer temporarily help, and the problem remains untreated, thus not suitable for patient use since an individual develops more side
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