The Pros And Cons Of Neglect

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According to officials, the latest statistics for the year 2005, estimated 3.3 million referrals of child abuse or neglect that were received by social services or CPS agencies. Among these referrals, 899,000 children were accurately confirmed to be victims of abuse or neglect. In the United States, overall children suffered 62.8% from neglect. All around the world 16.6% of children are victims of physical abuse, 9.3% are victims of sexual abuse, 7.1% are victims of emotional/psychological abuse, and 2.0% are victims of medical neglect. Every day there is always another child being born all around the world. The latest issue that has increased over the years is teen pregnancy. Statistics show that 62.8% of children are suffering from neglect of all sorts. Teenagers are having children like it is a new trend that they want to participate in. Teenagers do not understand that having a child comes with life changing responsibilities. There are so many young…show more content…
Such as food, water, clothing, shelter, self-hygiene, etc. The caregiver is not only endangering the physical health of the child. They are also endangering the well-being and the psychological growth and development of the child. Things like child abandonment and insufficient supervision are also types of physical neglect that are done to children every day. When a child is rejected in these ways by a parent or their caregiver, it leads to the deprivation and the failure to keep that child safe and to fend for that child’s physical and emotional needs. Physical neglect can also play a role in a child’s development. For example, failure to malnutrition; serious illness; physical harm, such as cuts, bruises, burns due to lack of supervision of the parent. Also a child suffering from physical neglect often goes throughout life, growing up with a exceedingly low

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