The Pros And Cons Of Need Based Scholarships

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Attending a secondary school can be a real hassle. Whether you do not have the financial aid for it or if it’s just not right for you. Scholarships are one of the best methods to meet the expense of college. When you think of scholarships the natural response is a lot of work, but truthfully anyone is qualified to achieve a scholarship. Whether your part of the lower class or the upper class, there are scholarships. What tends to be unfair is that every state has a favor in one of these two choices; for example some states favor more merit based scholarships and some states prefer need based scholarships. With these preferences students aren’t able to get the financial aid of their choice. By examining both of these options, need based scholarships provide a fair unbiased look at the student’s true academic potential. This is significant because without having a more accurate method determining which category a student falls under, some students will not get the financial aid they need for college therefore be forced to not attend a secondary schooling. For most people scholarships can be the only way one gets into a secondary school, but without being somewhat of a genius the task seems impossible. Scholarships are broken down into two categories; need based and merit based. Need based scholarships are just how it is written for those in need, while merit based are for those who succeed academically, artistically, athletically, and the list goes on. Just because students aren’t able to have all of those characteristics doesn’t mean they are not worthy of a scholarship. Every student tries hard in their own way, some may show more than others but some students face greater challenges. It all depends on the individual. Need-based ... ... middle of paper ... ...sed scholarships I have come to the conclusion that need based scholarship help students more by providing a fair system. With the attending college rate being so low you would think somebody would have changed the system by now, but students are still struggling out there. Every student should have the opportunity to go attend a higher education. Whether it’s an elite university or your local tech school; all students should have their choice and not let money decide. With the help of a need based program students will not have to worry anymore with their financial status, and students will finally be able to relax knowing their life is 100% better. So why deprive students from success when we just have to fix one minor glitch in the system. Don’t let children pay for someone else’s mistake and let them live their life knowing that one day they will be successful.
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