The Pros And Cons Of My Life

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St. Louis to Orlando FL to Tampa FL to Orlando FL to Little Rock Arkansas to Georgia and 6 different houses in the 6 years I have lived in Georgia. If you haven’t lost count, that is 11 different houses that a 17 year old has grown up in. When I was little I never would have thought my life would be changed so much in such a way from the people around me. When I was little my dads job moved us around quite a bit (obviously). I can guarantee you every single time we moved it was “the last time”. LOL look how that worked out for us! I made best friends and then had to leave them. Of course there are pros to this because with ought moving so much I would never have met some of my best friends I have today. Sooner or later this moving was breaking…show more content…
When we moved to Georgia, the first couple of years my parents ended up signing for divorce. This was actually my freshman year of high school. This divorce utterly destroyed me. My relationship with my parents became not even a relationship anymore, my grades dropped and I ran away a few times. Some school nights my parents found me by the lake at our old house just crying. As a little girl when my parents got in fights in front of me I would always ask “Daddy are you and mommy getting a divorce?” and every single time my dad said, “No sweetie your mom and I will never get a divorce.” My whole childhood and up to the divorce I was convinced that my parents were the most perfect couple and were so in love. When my parents separated my whole life just went crashing down on me. We ended up moving from this beautiful white house into this sketchy apartment complex. My dad moved into this house that I swear it was haunted. After only a year my mom got remarried and we moved into his house and this is a nice house that anyone would be lucky to live in but I just didn’t feel too lucky. My dad ended up moving out of the haunted house and into this cute little blue house that is perfect for my sister and
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