The Pros And Cons Of Motivation

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Motivation is referred to in the Merriam-Webster “The act or process of motivating or the condition of being motivated. For a manager to relate to their employees they must first understand what motivation is and how it will encourage their employees. The word motivation is broken down to the root word motive in Webster’s dictionary. This is simply saying that it is something that causes a person act base off the feeling that they have (Shanks, 24). According to Nancy Shanks motivation is something or someone that cause another person to act. Both Motivation and unmotivating are not opposites but it has an unmotivated factor on someone in traumatic life events. People gain more motivation by having a personal goal of achieving more
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Motivation can be varied in several categories such as survival, hunger, thirst and other wide ranged learned processes. There are many cues and goals that is key in the study of motivation. Some approaches to motivation are seeking success on a certain task, avoiding failure and being financially stable in society. In corporate America, companies are encountering employees who are unhappy with their job, which creates poor work performance, low morale and the lack of motivation to do the task at hand. Managers are not educated to motivate their employees, nor take the time to research motivational techniques to implement in the workplace. Motivation in the workplace is relevant and has an impact on all levels of workers from the high-level careers to the low entry level jobs. Employees would be more encouraged if they had invested interest in the future of the company. I am going to examine different theories of motivation on how they are applicable to the work place, and how to ensure happy and motivated employee when these theories are applied by…show more content…
These are justified to meet all the facts that people need. Employees are different in personality, which is why having some different management techniques are essential. Motivation comes from within the employee’s desire to do the work. These theories can help companies to influence, self-motivate and produce the best work from their employees.
Financial and Non-financial are two types of motivation that companies can use to motivate some employees with recognition or financial means. The world that we live in, companies are not looking to spend money on motivation, that is way we must show organizations how to make employees feel important without going bankrupt. Both types of motivation can be implemented in a strategic way to receive the best results.
I will talk about how companies can use these motivational tools in the workplace. In this research it will show how all industries can change, impact and motivate employees for the company’s success.
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