The Pros And Cons Of Millennials

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Judge Judy claims that Millennials are entitled and that we believe our way is the only way. She also implies that Millennials as a generation will not achieve as much as other generations because we did not put a man on the moon or win a war. However, the Millennial generation is achieving more than the generations before us. We are attempting to create a better world for everyone, including future generations. If the multitude of Millennial achievements is any indication of what is to come, the world is heading towards a very bright and positive future. Millennials are the most educated generation in history. With tertiary education becoming increasingly more competitive, applicants have to work harder than ever to secure and maintain a…show more content…
Chris Myers, founder and CEO of BodeTree financial company, and Carey Smith, “Chief Big Ass” of Big Ass Fans, favour hiring Millennials due to our fresh perspectives and ideas. Red Brick Research interviewed hiring managers who concur that Millennials are more imaginative, entrepreneurial and adaptable than older workers, making us a more valuable asset. Millennials are the first to ask when and how to get a promotion, but not because we are entitled. As the most educated generation in history, we do a good job which we take pride in. This could mean that the future will look up for Millennials, as they are increasingly favoured over older employees. Millennials will likely be promoted faster than previous generations due to their unique skill and perspective in the workplace. The future will see us achieving in our professional lives younger than the generations before…show more content…
With the wealth of information at our disposal, we believe that there is no excuse for ignorance about the world or anyone in it. We are more ethically and socially mindful than older generations. Millennials are having loud and effective conversations about racism, sexism and homophobia. Racial and ethnical diversity is the most defining and impactful characteristic of the Millennial generation. We are world citizens that view humankind as a whole, not as individual groups separated by our differences. Our tolerance leads to more freedom of opinions, speech and expression because we feel like it is accepted rather than being pressured into mainstream
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