The Pros And Cons Of Millennials

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Contrary to popular beliefs: Millennials I have never understood why in this country the society likes to separate groups of persons into generations according to the year they were born; I have always considered that people just do this because of the fact that they like to use the "generation tag" as a way to criticize a complete group of people. What they do not realize is that it is difficult to establish a common trait that defines a group of more than 80 million people. Nothing could be further from the truth than assuming that all persons in the millennial generation are narcissistic, lacking of empathy lazy and entitled. By all means some of the millennials could be described this way but I have a different opinion according to this…show more content…
According to The Council of Economic Advisers “As unemployment surged from 2007 to 2009, many Millennials struggled to find a hold in the labor market. They made important decisions about their educational and career paths, including whether and where to attend college, during a time of great economic uncertainty. Their early adult lives have been shaped by the experience of establishing their careers at a time when economic opportunities are relatively scarce. Today, although the economy is well into its recovery, the recession still affects lives of Millennials and will likely continue to do so for years to come.” (The council of economic advisers,3). Millennials were raised with the idea that higher education is crucial if you want to be someone in life; with that in mind we did everything that we could to get educated without taking into account the economic uncertainty we were and still are living. We took loans that probably will take a long time to pay in full and what is worst we are unemployed. Does it seem reasonable that after all the effort and money we put in our education we cannot find jobs?. How does the system expect millennials pay the education loans we took in order to get a good education?. Why universities are so expensive anyway?. We do not have any other choice besides thinking positive and…show more content…
In a recent report directed by The Council of Economic Advisers it is stated about the millennials that “This is the first generation to have had access to the Internet during their formative years. Millennials also stand out because they are the most diverse and educated generation to date: 42 percent identify with a race or ethnicity other than non-Hispanic white, around twice the share of the Baby Boomer generation when they were the same age. About 61 percent of adult Millennials have attended college, whereas only 46 percent of the Baby Boomers did so.”(The council of economic advisers,3). We could say that technology was a vital part of the formative years of the millennials; it not only allowed us to have all the information we wanted but also let us communicate with different people from all over the world, making us a multicultural persona receptive to the changes in our society. Besides that, and as I established before, we are also the most educated generation in american history; we can attribute this to our parents who pressure us into being excellent and pursuing a higher education. We could definitely state that being surrounded with technology and the good values our family taught us made us evolve and outplay the older generations in some

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