The Pros And Cons Of Medical Marijuana

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Marijuana for medical purposes use has been used for thousands of years for many of the same reasons it is used today. Marijuana is even mentioned in the bible. The plant was first cultivated in North America by the settlers of Jamestown. The first state to outlaw marijuana was Massachusetts in 1911 It wasn’t until 1937 that marijuana became illegal in the United States; many people claim it was for economic gain. In 1978 New Mexico became the first state to recognize the medical properties of marijuana. In 2014. Colorado and Washington became the first states to fully legalize marijuana for recreational use, as long as you are over 21. Medical marijuana is a hot issue in America today. Twenty three states have already legalized marijuana…show more content…
One of the biggest fears felt by people who oppose the medical use of marijuana is the idea of more dispensaries there would be more risk of it being available it is to kids. Another concern is the side effects of using medical marijuana such as loss of memory, short-term memory deficits, decreased concentration, attention, and slowed information processing. It has been shown that 71% of marijuana users relapse after quitting. 61% of people over the age of 12 that are considered to be substance abusers is because of marijuana. Marijuana can be connected to the relapse of stable schizophrenia, and earlier onset of schizophrenia especially in young males. (Kleber, Herbert D., and Robert L. Dupont. "Physicians and Medical Marijuana. Oct 6…show more content…
THC is the chemical in marijuana that gets you high but also is proven to help with appetite and reduces nausea. CBD, the second most well-known cannabinoid does not get you high, but does help with reducing pain and inflammation, controlling epileptic seizures, and treating addiction. (DrugFacts Is Marijuana Medicine 28 aug 2015) There are well over a 100 other cannabinoids found in marijuana, many of which have been found to help people who suffer from a large variety of diseases and medical conditions such as epilepsy, ALS, Parkinson 's Disease, HIV, multiple sclerosis, and even kill cancer cells the majority of which have yet to be researched. (Armentano, Paul. "Recent Research on Medical Marijuana." 28 aug 2015) Humans have natural cannabinoids and cannabinoid receptors in their bodies that are normally used for play a role in regulating pleasure, memory, thinking, concentration, body movement, awareness of time, appetite, pain, and even the senses. (is Marijuana

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