The Pros And Cons Of Mechanical Engineering

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In Beryl Lieff Benderly 's article What Scientist Shortage? he discusses how employers prefer cheap and skilled employees in the business world and academia. So in effort to attract more foreign workers senator Chuck Schumer, a democrat from New York, suggested foreign students should receive a green card with their S.T.E.M. diploma. Republican John Cornyn, the subcommittee’s ranking member, agreed and said there 's not much people in high technology fields. Even president Obama agreed and said "We are failing to produce a sufficient quantity of scientists and engineers and therefore must import large numbers of foreigners to remain innovative and competitive"(Benderly 19). However, Republican John Cornyn was wrong. What would make him lie?…show more content…
related career. For instance, in order for someone to become a mechanical engineer one will need a bachelor’s or master 's degree. All S.T.E.M. students must learn calculus, and depending on the major students might have to learn more math. For example, all engineers have to learn differential equations and linear algebra. According to, there are 258,100 mechanical engineers today, but the industry is projected to grow only ten percent. They will 11,600 new jobs for mechanical engineers from 2012 to 2022. Mechanical engineers design and produce transportation equipment, machinery manufacturing, vehicle systems (such as hybrid-electric cars), clean diesel vehicles, alternative energy project, remanufacturing, and nanotechnology. Mechanical engineers are projected to experience faster than average growth in oil and gas extraction if they enable the knowledge and skills regarding thermal energy. Mechanical engineers make typically $80,580 a year. Salaries range between $52,030 and $121,530. In conclusion, there has been many people who love building, designing things but are insecure about their math skills, and they have still became successful mechanical

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