The Pros And Cons Of Maternity Leave

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Maternity leave is a controversial debate that has been discussed for many years and continues to this day being a controversial issue. There is one side that argues that women have a right for leave of absence in order to bond with the baby and recuperate physically. On the other side there is the argument that companies take a financial hit. Both sides provide valid points for being pro maternity leave or against it, but one must take into consideration the long-term impacts these positions have. Maternity leave is necessary not only for emotional development but also for economical productivity in the long run. Maternity is a natural part of human life. Since the beginning of time a woman being pregnant and going through childbirth is a…show more content…
Mothers returning to work after labor and delivery is both physically harmful and mentally harmful on a woman. Physicians have strongly advised women to be off their feet the first six weeks post-delivery, and that 's if they had a vaginal delivery without complications (Mauerer, 2015). The first three weeks after labor you 're not supposed to lift anything heavy, but many jobs require you to lift materials.. A woman’s body goes through a lot of while giving birth and requires plenty of rest. Not only does returning to work early effect a woman’s health, but also milk…show more content…
Many businesses do not want to hire or promote someone who they consider a risk of taking a long leave of absence, like maternity leave. According to Jay Miletsky (2014) mandating paid maternity leave would only increase these costs by the amount of a woman’s wages.The reality is, for many companies paid maternity leave is simply too costly. Not only are they paying a salary to someone that 's not working, but they are also paying overtime hours to compensate for the work she is not doing in her absence. It 's not unusual for companies to run on very tight budgets, paying three months salary to a suddenly non-productive employee simply because they made the decision to have a child would hurt many l businesses. If maternity leave was mandated, many companies would have to make up the difference by laying off other employees, or raising prices of their products and services, ultimately harming consumers (Miletsky,

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