The Pros And Cons Of Marital Rape

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Marital Rape. The Right to Say No.
“Jennifer” thought that after her major surgery she would be able to stay at the hospital for couple of weeks to recover. Or was it because she wanted to get away from her husband? Jennifer’s husband abuse started emotionally and verbally, but throughout the years, it escalated to more. After Jennifer’s surgery, her husband was angry that she was not home yet, so she begged her doctor to release her sooner. The doctor agreed and instructed her to take it easy for the next couple of months. Jennifer did not know that the next couple of mouths would be everything but easy. One night, her husband and one his male friends came home very intoxicated. He called Jennifer into their bedroom and told her they needed to talk. Her Husband closed the door behind her. Her husband and his friend proceeded to rape her. Jennifer could not resist two muscular men. All she could do was lay there, do what they told her, and cry, because if she resisted she was choked. After they were finished, her husband continued to insult Jennifer calling her vulgar names and sayi...
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