The Pros And Cons Of Marijuana

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Today many people are talking about the pros and cons of making the notorious drug cannabis legal for recreational uses. This is far from a good idea in any stretch of the imagination. Legalizing marijuana will cause nothing but more abuse to our system which will cause higher risk for non-smokers, eventually could push other illegal substances such as cocaine and heroin to become viewed as not as bad as they once were. Not only could other harmful drugs become legal and easier access to but also what is going to stop young children from having direct access to marijuana just as they do with beer or other age restricted substances. “Marijuana 's "high" can affect these functions in a variety of ways, causing distorted perceptions, impairing…show more content…
Popular misconceptions that marijuana is harmless, critics insist, are simply not true, and the public health risks posed by wider use are simply not worth the supposed benefits of legalization.”(“Marijuana. ” Issues & Controversies). This is a scary thought that kids will think nothing of drugs if marijuana becomes legal. This idea should be frightening to all citizens due to the concept and thought process that may go through the minds of our youth that oh well marijuana is a drug and it is legal so what is the big deal if i do cocain they are basically the same thing. Another thing to think about is the major risk that can come with marijuana just being left around houses and improperly stored away from children. This is a major concern since there are becoming more and more candy esque ways to get high off marijuana. With that being the case children are more likely to mistake them for a regular candy and then we have a high child which could possibly lead to medical…show more content…
The U.S. government wastes far too much money arresting, prosecuting, and jailing small-time marijuana offenders. States should legalize marijuana and allow it to be sold on the retail market, using the generated tax revenue to fund drug awareness and treatment programs.” (“Marijuana. ” Issues & Controversies.). The main argument is that the United States Government is spending far too much money on prosecuting marijuana users and that money could go to other governmental programs. The money could be used to stimulate taxes in the states, fund new research into medicines with cannabis, and also allow people who do smoke or would smoke for whatever the reason may be to not have to worry about getting an astronomical fine or being put into prison. This makes little sense due to the concept of abuse and if there is no regulation what is going to prevent abuse of the harmful
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