The Pros And Cons Of Life In Prisons

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Before intervention from the Supreme Court, it was easy to send children to adult prisons if they commit crimes. Unfortunately, a portion of these children are sentenced to life in these adult prisons. While the some crimes committed are serious, people failed to realize the many circumstances that caused these kids to commit these crimes. Adult jails are hostile, and children are denied the education any other child receives or and psychological help used to help these children move to a better future. Yet, courts decide to treat these juveniles as adults when they aren’t treated as adults in society. Recently, the Supreme Court ruled against juveniles sentenced to life in prison. However, a portion of the justices believed that we should retain it.…show more content…
In many situations, juveniles are unaware of the severity of their actions, and different circumstances these children have must…show more content…
While some children truly belong in prison, others deserve a second chance. In the end, we must all keep in mind that they are young children who are prone to making mistakes they didn’t mean. What I do agree with is that we must start to acknowledge the victim or the victim’s family in these cases, who seem to be lost within this debate. I also agree that we must fix the juvenile justice system so we don’t have to resort to adult prisons as our last resort, and so we have more criminals leaving their crimes in the past to create a better life. Despite this, I still believe that juvenile criminals don’t deserve life mandatory life
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