The Pros And Cons Of Liberal Democracy

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After the fall of Soviet Union in which communist dictatorship dominated, the fifteen previously Soviet republics have become independent. This was noted as “The end of History” by Fukuyama, however there are still arguments to whether the past regime has been replaced in real terms or just has become a hybrid of the two: liberal democracy, so hailed in the Western countries, and dictatorship form of the post-communist states.
There are more than just two multiple-vector processes that were stated in the question, and they are happening at the same time but with a different dynamics.
The conservative method which is not to make any changes in the structure of the society is supported by people who were raised in the times of the communist regime.
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Almost all post-communist states are the countries of the Warsaw Pact which is the ‘union of peace and socialism’ (a counterbalance to NATO), which is supposed to be enclosed from as it were, ‘the hostile rest of the…show more content…
Russia’s actions towards Ukraine show that if Ukraine were to decide and play by the EU games which is has been trying to do since 2004, it will not be let to do it.
The main sign of liberal democracy is the presence of civil society, independent individuals that are aware of what is going on in their countries. Different public organisations emerge along with political parties and trade unions. However these values cannot be created with vertical political power, this can only be achieved by participation of the masses on horizontal power sharing.
Signs of oligarchy where the so-called ‘asian mentality’, where all the orders come from above, with the idea being of a patronage state, but in reality a simple minimalistic level of salaries, pensions and benefits is being provided to keep the masses quiet. Power is highly centralized in the hands of few people who will not let the liberal democracy to come

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