The Pros And Cons Of Legalizing Prostitution

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Legalizing prostitution is a very controversial subject because it is one of the world 's oldest vocations, that in all veracity is a victimless malefaction. Some might verbally express that it exploits woman and emboldens sex trafficking, but when prostitution is legalized to prevent such things it should only be done in a well-regulated capacity; such as brothels or escorting business. Proponents of legalizing prostitution in such forms believe that it would help stop violence against woman, redirect law enforcement resources, it would bolster the health of sex workers and Johns, they would be given labor rights that they deserve, and it would be a great source of tax revenue. Immorality shouldn 't be a reason to keep a closed mind on this subject , because…show more content…
Brothels and escorts have rigorous rules that all workers and Johns must use condoms at all times; regardless of how much the John might not want to use one. They additionally test their workers weekly to ascertain that they have not contracted a disease that might or might not be curable. Sex workers on the streets that might have a pimp get an abundance of pressure from them as well as the Johns to not utilize condoms; because the more open you are to everything the more money you will possibly make. Cops were additionally known for utilizing condoms found on women as evidence that they are prostituting. That type of practice has been kenned to deter sex workers from carrying condoms. Sex workers that are on the street withal don 't do their work in the cleanest of environments; sometimes they do it in the ally, in a car, and even in dirty hotel rooms. I believe that when it is legalized that most sex workers will go to brothels or become escorts rather than work on the streets because of all the benefits that will emanate from

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