The Pros And Cons Of Juveniles In Adult Courts

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Trying juveniles in adult courts has negative effects on the defendants as previously proven. Another reason juveniles should be tried in juvenile centers is that trying an adolescent offender in adult court is a terrible double standard. Author Peter Katel(2008) would agree with this. He stated that brain scans have shown that adolescents do not think like adults(2008). If a teenager doesn 't think like an adult they should not be handled the same way(Katel, 2008). This is evidence of the double standard. There are age restrictions on many things do to the thought processes of different aged people, however when it comes to justice some find it acceptable to try all evenly. In the mind of Hannah McCrea(2008), “…”justice” means proportional…show more content…
There is a no exceptions when it comes to minors trying to purchase alcohol. If your twenty-first birthday is tomorrow they will not sell you alcohol. There isn 't an exception that states sometimes it is acceptable if the buyer deserves it. When a defendant is put on trial it needs to be the same way. It doesn 't matter what the crime is, age should effect where the criminal is facilitated. With age serving no factor it shows this double standard with the court system. If you send these criminals to adult facilities you are setting them up for failure in the future. Juveniles are never held as responsible as adults in our society. If a child gets in trouble at a young age in school, their parents are called. The idea here is that if it is a criminal action all of our beliefs change when in reality it is still a juvenile who isn 't fully matured and makes mistakes. It is not acceptable to let a criminal off with what they have done because of their age. It is necessary to facilitate them with other adolescents to protect…show more content…
Juvenile centers often have the goal of helping turn the young offender into a better person in society. Adult prisons are meant to keep them out of society. McCrea(2008) is a strong advocate for rehabilitation instead of penalization. The idea of rehabilitation is the focus in juvenile centers, this is why adolescent offenders should be incarcerated there. Juveniles in facilities meant for them are more likely to take place in educational programs(Bechtold & Cauffman, 2014). It is more likely for inmates to attend educational programs in juvenile centers, these facilities are also prepared better to handle the educational requirements for a young adult(Bechtold & Cauffman, 2014). Jeffrey Fagan(2008) backs that information stating juvenile centers had better educational programs. Along with better programs, staff members are more caring and make strong efforts in keeping inmates in contact with family and anyone who would be a positive influence upon release(Fagan, 2008). As previously stated adolescents are the most influential people on the planet. Having bad role models in their life may have been a factor in the young criminal to make their initial mistakes. If there will be a difference in the future for the offender it comes from where they are incarcerated. If an offender is incarcerated in a juvenile center they will have positive influences. At a time where they
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