The Pros And Cons Of Juveniles

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The justice system is flawed greatly when it comes to sentencing juveniles who commit heinous crimes. In comparison to adults who commit the same crime, juveniles will be given a less harsh sentence mainly because of the fact that a juvenile is not considered an adult yet. Juvenile’s records are, in a sense, forgiven or put away, not for the public to have access to, unlike adults ' records. People under 18 years of age are capable of the same actions that someone over the age of 17 is capable of, including committing murders. Therefore, they should receive the same punishment because that is what justice is, fair treatment for all.
When people go to trial for a crime they commit, they have the opportunity to fight for what they think is right, despite any input they may
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People often see juveniles as "innocent," underdeveloped," and "stupid because they are young." Excuses back their actions, even when their actions involve crimes. Are people so blinded by their own emotions that they fail to see the reality of detrimental situations? It seems as though people can 't imagine themselves in the shoes of the victim or the victim’s family, but they are quick to jump to assumed details within a case and include their opinion as to what 's right and what 's wrong. It is evident that some people love to elaborate on the smallest of details in order to maintain their perspective because they are unwilling to open their minds up to new ideas until they are given multiple prices of evidence that disproves their main arguments for a case. When it comes to juveniles, convicting them to spend their life in prison seems rather harsh, more than likely to at least one person in the jury, which will make it hard when it comes to murder cases and deciding the sentence the perpetrator will

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