The Pros And Cons Of Juvenile Delinquents

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The young adolescent has become increasingly violent since 1970, Today more gang exist than during the 1970s and homicides occur more often than in the past thirty years. Crime rates have not only dropped significantly in the past 5 years (Vieregg n.p. Now that more juvenile delinquents are entering the justice system the question become how should they be tried? Being tried in a juvenile court for the serious offense is like a slap on the wrist. Sure, they can be sent to an adult facility if only they are the trail as an adult due to nature of their offense. On the contrary, trying a juvenile a juvenile as an adult guarantees that this youth will be held accountable for his or her actions. This adolescent commit these violent crimes…show more content…
The purpose of the court was to hold with a miscreant that threw bricks or rocks through the window (Butterfield 154). Today, the juvenile courts have a much harder task at hands. These delinquents have shifted from property crimes and instead commit more violent and aggressive crime against people (Hente). There are a great number of crimes done by juvenile delinquents that go unreported but in 1985 and 1986, Howard Snyder found an increase of 75 % among juveniles are for crimes involving drugs and guns…show more content…
The proportion of females in the juvenile system has increased over the pass 20 years (Ross). During 1960-80 the rate in arrest in female delinquent grew wasn’t as sky high as it is today. Now over 20 years later, females make up every four in serious crimes. In 2013 African American young adolescent females are the faster-growing segment in justice population (Sherman). Even though arrest remains higher for males the arrest in females increases as males decrease. However, Female delinquents exhibit higher rates of both type mental disorder as a greater number of symptoms of mental illness than is usually seen in the general population. (Hodgdon) The number of delinquent African American may be related to the change in the court system due to change in crime from miscreant that threw bricks or rocks through window (Buttfield) to now drugs and illegal guns as the fastest growing crimes. Since the crimes done by these juveniles have become more aggressive so have the repercussions. In over decades, states have turned to criminalization in response to the increase of violent criminal behavior delinquents the right to a trial by jury (Gerahty

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