The Pros And Cons Of John Adams

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“ A wise and frugal government... shall restrain men from injuring one another... shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits..., and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned .This is the sum of good government (Jefferson,1801) .” This was said by Thomas Jefferson our third President of the United States of American. John Adams our second President of the United States of America, for 4 years as President change the “Free World” to a federalist powerhouse in this new, young country. John Adams was a poor President for the United states because of the X,Y,Z affair, the Alien Act , the Sedition Act ,and the “Revolution of 1800”.
The X,Y,Z affair was one of the most terrible thing that John Adams dd to
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The Alien Act was a law that was signed by John Adams to weaken the Republican party. Because all the poor people and people from other country that moved here was a Republican and John Adams was with the Federalist party. Before the Alien Act was signed in to law, people from other country that live in the U.S, also called Foreigners, could became a citizen when they lived here for 5 years, but after the law was signed they had to want for 14 years till they can become a citizen(Welcome to Our Documents). This made the Republican party angry because you need to be a citizen of the U.S to vote and now they will have less people to vote because most of the Republican were Foreigners. The Alien Act also gave the President power to deport any Foreigner that if he thought they were being bad in this country. This also made the Republicans angry(Library of…show more content…
The law also said that foreigners could not say anything bad about the government, if they did they will go to jail and then they will be deported from the county. The people could not write, print,or publish anything bad against the government or they will go to jail. This made the Republican party ever more angry with John Adams and the Federalist party. George Washington was shock what he was seeing this country turning into what he feared most.
The Sedition Act was a poor move that John Adams did. Because he hurt many people in the country because he got rid of freedom that was promised that they will be protected by the government(The White House). The Sedition Act made the people on the Republicans wanted to rebel and destroy this young country. All things that John Adams did to this country made the Republicans wonder if this country was really free (The White

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