The Pros And Cons Of Internet Censorship

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The technological advancements made within the last decades have undoubtedly changed the way today’s society operates as a whole. People are more dependent on computers and the internet than they have ever been, so their prevalence in general life has been greatly inflated. Such an important and prominent tool could never go unregulated by governmental authority, however. Government censorship of the internet has been an extremely controversial issue, even from the point where “net neutrality” was first discussed. Governments generally argue for the use of censorship for the purpose of discouraging and disallowing the access to inappropriate material and other harmful practices, but further extend their censorship’s reach to affect many other facets of the internet; including politically sensitive material and discussions. There are several techniques which may be used to restrict the content deemed offensive by a government. This means that the authority in a given country can effectively restrict access to any material which they deem to be offensive. This is almost unavoidable for the citizens affected and so the resources which their internet holds are quite limited by these restrictions. As the internet has become such a valuable resource, people are not happy about its restriction. There has been much protest and backlash against internet censorship throughout the world. The morality of internet censorship has been in question countless times as it - in many cases - is stifling freedom of speech and expression, as well as limiting the resources available for the public. The purpose of this report is to prove that Internet censorship has a negative impact on the general public and global community.
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The purpose of this report was to prove that Internet censorship has a detrimental effect on society. The governments and groups practicing censorship say they can justify the use for certain purposes, but use censorship frequently for many more personal reasons. Censorship has many different implementations and can be used in several different facets of the Internet, but instilling the fear of being censored is the most effective censorship tool governments can use. The public has grown accustomed to the Internet as a resource and tool and has fought tirelessly against its restriction and limitation. Censoring the Internet is not very morally sound, as it harms the users of the Internet far more than it may help them. Censorship restricts the knowledge - and therefore the potential - of its victims.
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