The Pros And Cons Of Innate Knowledge

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Looking into Finnas’s idea that maybe it is possible that through family and friends one can satisfy all basic desires and goods, but the question still arises of how do humans know how to attain these desires or basic human principles? A baby cries when it is hungry or tired, without being told that it needs to eat or sleep. This example shows that there are innate truths or knowledge that are given to humans the day they are born. Even though Finnas does disagree with Aquinas’s arguments, there is no substantial evidence to prove that humans do not have innate knowledge just through being a human being. This point lines up with what Aquinas calls Natural Law, as previously mentioned. From Natural Law, human made laws are created for the good…show more content…
These innate truths, in which Aquinas included as part of his Natural Law, are still included in countries constitutions and are fought for today. One of the most commonly talked about parts of Natural Law is the innate truth that each person has a right to life and this overarching concept of human dignity. In almost all countries Constitutions or Declarations, there is a section that discuss that each individual has the right to life and the right to a dignified life. Two examples of this was previously mentioned as examples, which included segments from The United States Declaration of Independence and the United Nation’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. As a living human being, each person has the right to existence and that right should never be taken away from anyone. Another part of Natural Law that is commonly seen is the right to property: “An example of a basic necessity stemming from the natural law 's primary principles involves the use and possession of property. The right to use property is derived from the premise that possessing external things is natural to humans. ' Humans, because of their reason and free will, must be able to use the

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