The Pros And Cons Of In Vitro Fertilization

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The human ability to conceive subsists as a natural process that many individuals take for granted, as it remains as our biological purpose. Because of its commonality, our society fails to acknowledge individuals who cannot conceive. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, “Some 7.3 million Americans, or 12 percent of the population in their reproductive years, are infertile” (Christiano, 2011). Although some individuals cannot conceive on their own, hope is not lost, due to the medical advantages of fertility treatments. In the article, the discussion of in vitro fertilization transpired, with this treatment representing, “the most effective form of assisted reproductive technology,” in which, “mature eggs are collected…show more content…
In fact, “In most such situations around the world, a mix-up is discovered when a child of a different race is born. Perhaps many more mix-ups have occurred, but were not noticed because the baby was the same race as the parents” (Celizic, 2009). It remains detrimental that many individuals, who cannot conceive themselves, rely on in vitro fertilization, which subsists as procedures that do not guarantee pregnancy, or simply, the correct biological child. Not only do these individuals hear that they cannot conceive a child, but also that the clinic made a life shattering mistake by mixing up embryos. As such a major part of an individual’s life – parenthood- I would expect doctors and clinics to ensure accuracy on procedures, but that does not transpire. I cannot imagine the resentment that would come from discovering a mix up of embryos after birth, or later on in my child’s life. An individual’s ability to reproduce, either alone or through fertility treatments, subsists as one of life’s greatest achievements. Our clinics must upturn their accuracy, as an individual’s life does not stand as a topic to make a mistake
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