The Pros And Cons Of Immigration In America

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America is viewed by many people around the world as the land of opportunity. For immigrants, America is a place where anyone can succeed, live prosperously and have freedom; a place where anyone can make their dreams come true. America the land where one can have freedom of religion, freedom of speech, political autonomy, etc. Every day there is talk of America’s illegal immigration problem; people are dying to come here, figuratively and sometimes literally. These stories of immigrants coming to the US, looking for opportunities they don’t have in their countries, have been told by politicians and the media for a long time. However, people never hear about the hardships some of these immigrants endure once they arrive here or their disappointment when they realize America is not as they imagined. There is also the opposite side of immigration we do not hear about, because it does not align with the political…show more content…
In 1882, The Chinese Exclusion Act was approved by the federal government, making it the first significant law restricting immigration to the US (“Early American Immigration Policies.”). Ever since then, America has had a growing number of unauthorized immigrants; in 2014, there were 11.3 million unauthorized immigrants in the US (Passel and Cohn). However, after decades of rapid growth, unauthorized immigration in the US has actually stabilized. Most people do not know this due to the constant rhetoric from politicians who tell Americans illegal immigration is an enormous problem. While there are many factors that account for the stagnant numbers in unauthorized immigration, one of those factors is people voluntarily returning to their home country; it’s not hard to draw a correlation with the fact that some have realized America is not what they hoped it would
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