The Pros And Cons Of Hookup Culture

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College is full of experiences from the late night cram sessions to the wild parties. For many young adults, college is the perfect time to have their first experiences with relationships and love if they had not engaged in intimacy prior to college. Young adults seem to be engaging in an alternative to dating known as the hook up or even Netflix and chill. For the few who have been left in the dark hook ups involve kissing, making out and having sex. If you think about it a hook up essentially the same thing as a one night stand. I do not know about most people, but I believe that one night stands have been around for quite some time. More and more college students are known now more than ever to turn to toward this quick simple and empty sexual act. Old school dates have somewhat become replaced by this so much so that some question if this has happened before in earlier generations. Sociologist Paula England writes about the hookup culture and states in her interview with Dalton Conley that she believes…show more content…
To that question he replied “No, when I was in school it wasn’t uncommon for some people to just meet up at a bar and end up in bed together”. It was interesting to find out that hookup culture has existed for a long time. Paula England 's argument about hookup culture being unfamiliar is invalid based on my interviews. Hookups, twenty years ago did not happen at the rate that they do today. I believe that maybe why she thought they didn’t exist. So no, hookup culture is not a contemporary thing. It has in fact been around for years and was referred to as the one night stand. What has become a new thing though in retrospect is that Men are no longer the only one to pay the bill and they also are not always the person to initiate a date. Due to the frequency and new technology we possess both genders can become equally as responsible for the roles involved in hooking
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