The Pros And Cons Of Hookah Smoking

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Hookah smoking has become a popular new way to relieve stress. In a recent study by Dr. Brian Primack , Primack published in the June issue of the journal Nicotine and Tobacco Research, finds that 1 in 3 current college students has smoked hookah at some point; more than 50% of those students were not cigarette smokers. Hookah is basically flavored tobacco. Popular forms of hookah tobacco these days include a mix of vanilla, apple, mint, lemon, watermelon and my personal favorite fruity pebbles with ice tip! On May 19, 2015 a paper was published in the journal Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention, researchers from the University of California, San Francisco asked a group of 55 regular hookah smokers to abstain from smoking for a week, and then to provide a urine sample. “Compared to the urine samples collected after a week of not smoking, the urine sample collected after the evening of hookah smoking had: 73 times higher nicotine levels; four times higher levels of cotinine; two times higher levels of NNAL, a breakdown product of a tobacco-specific chemical called NNK, which can cause lung and pancreatic cancers; and 14 percent to 91 percent higher levels of breakdown products of volatile organic compounds such as…show more content…
When I go to my hookah café I am dressed casual, not loud mothing, and not blowing the smoke in anyone’s face for respect towards them. I usually go with a few friends or by myself. If it’s late for me and I am really bored I usually go there by myself, the atmosphere there is really fun and welcoming, and the other college people from different school are really tight with me so it’s all fun. When I go with my friends we do the credit card game with our favorite host Spanky. We always sit in the back where the DJ is so it’s dark mostly, so when he picks the card he doesn’t really know who’s it is or nor do

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