The Pros And Cons Of Homosexuals

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What would it feel like if heterosexuals got their rights taken away? Homosexuals cannot do a lot of things heterosexuals can due to their sexuality. Gays should be able to have the same rights as straights. In this paper, it will discuss what rights are taken away from them, what they are not able to do, and what impact they have made on straight individuals. While homosexual rights can occur in some states, it more often discriminated against by most of the world. Let us talk about the human rights taken away from homosexuals. Religious rights are taken away from homosexuals; also marriage rights are taken away from them. Everyone thinks that gays are a sin and that they cannot be a Christian. They believe that if gays get married, then…show more content…
Homosexuals get discriminated against everyday because of their sexuality. Some hide their sexuality so they do not have to worry about being discriminated against. Studies show that more homosexuals tend to commit suicide than heterosexuals, due to their sexuality. They go to gay professional therapists to help make them feel less isolated. They surround themselves with loved ones that support their sexuality. They join groups that helps cope with discrimination against their sexuality (Tracy). Homosexuals experience work discrimination and how they can get fired for it. Children at school also get discriminated against by their peers, because of their sexuality. Some parents of children that are different in sexuality often discriminate them also. They cope with it by talking about it to other same-sex individuals. Some homos keep it to themselves, so no one will know their real sexuality. Often times, homosexuals will date someone of the opposite sex, so they can hide their true selves. Homos tend to cope with discrimination by not showing up to school. They also try to skip out on everything, so they can avoid all the hate they get. Sometimes they even try coping with it by trying to turn straight, so they can stop getting the hatful remarks from individuals that do not agree with their sexuality. Homosexuals try to cope with all the hate, but sometimes they cannot when everyone around them are…show more content…
Sometimes, individuals hiding their sexuality engage in the discrimination against gays. Gays that engage in it, think that they can change who they are. In some areas, individuals are open to their sexuality, other are too afraid that they will be hated on. Most individuals think that gays were born that way and that they should have freedom to do what they want. Other individuals think that they should be in prison and should go to conversions camps, so they can be ‘normal’. Parents never understand why their child is who they are, but most of them support them anyways. In most cases, families at least have one member that is gay, lesbian, bisexual, or a transgender. Homosexuals are everywhere and they should be able to have all the freedom and equality that heterosexuals have. People do not understand why gays exist and they do not understand why someone would want to be a homo. Homosexuals are people too and they should be treated equal just like people of different races should. In 2014, Americans are starting to support same-sex rights and that they should all be equal. Parents are starting to get neighbors that are same-sex and they do not mind. Children become good friends with them and their parents do not think there is anything wrong with that. There are groups that are trying to help homos get their freedom and equality. The rates for gay supporters are
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