The Pros And Cons Of Homosexuality

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A word “Homosexual” have always been there from the beginning but it was hidden somewhere due to the lack of person’s knowledge in old era, for example we still have some ancient mythologies of 18th century where in the abstract we could clearly see a homosexual conductance. It’s been hyped and disclosed by the media and then it spread later on. But even in today’s fast world there are also few people who feel ashamed of claiming there selves a homosexual because they think it’s something inappropriate, but research has proven this kind of feeling could also change their interests into a normal straight person. There are several debates on this topic and everyone has their own opinion. In each debate the question always raises up by people is, “is homosexuality a choice or is it in person’s genetics!” However this argument is not completely clarified, but most of people think it’s a choice and due to…show more content…
However it’s really weird to accept the truth because it makes no sense that how could a person adopts a different sexual habits. That’s why psychiatrist also calls it a “mental illness” but like every other illness this one could also be cured by special treatment if it’s not really severe. This illness is caused by excess of X-linked genes by the fluid of mother or the veins of child connected to his mother through the belly button. In conclusion I want to share my personal experiences. I have many homosexual friends and hope everyone has them. One of my cousin got married to a guy who was homosexual but wasn’t disclosed to others. After the marriage she figured out that the guy was gay. But my cousin helped him to overcome this disorder and then she got to knew that it wasn’t the guys fault he was always been ignored by his family but now by the grace of God he’s completely fine and they also have a two

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