The Pros And Cons Of Homeownership: The Millennials American Dream

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Homeownership is nothing the way it used to be 40 years ago, where the American dream was to own a home. The Millennials American Dream is leaning towards owing your own business the shift has changed where they don’t want a house, they will live with their parents or in an apartment. The Millennials don’t even want their parents’ home when their parents pass on, they sale or rent the home. The Millennials don’t want to be bothered with the hassle of taken care of the home and all the money that goes into the home for repairs and the big expense of paying those big winter and summer taxes; also, I can’t forget the costly home insurance. Some of the Pros of homeownership are paying on something that is really an investment; which you can turn around and sale for a great profit, instead of renting and investing in someone else property. You can eventually rent the property or sale it. If you own your home it’s yours to do what…show more content…
They were able to witness it or experience it from family or friends. The program Tiny House Nation or Tiny House Hunters is really changing the way the millennials view owing a home, it’s a show about living debt free and owing your own home. It’s a home that can travel with you from state to state. It’s truly a fancy mobile home that is accustomed to fit your lifestyle, for half the price of owning a home, you can budget the home and have it tailored to fit your lifestyle. Millennials have not given up on homeownership they are just changing the way they own their home, they are becoming free from the government. The government have to be wise they would have to find a way to get involved in this new trend because in years to come I’m not sure how the housing market is going to be able to survive if this trend
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