The Pros And Cons Of Home Childcare

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Home childcare is more beneficial than center-based child care for children. When choosing a childcare option for a child, the factor that parents look at is: what does the child need for instance a place where they can feel at home within a comfortable environment. Now, there is nothing wrong with that, but there are factors that need to consider before making that final decision on home child care. The decision of whether to send children to a home childcare or center-based child care center should depend on more the need of the child. Working parents all want the best childcare, and while most choose center based childcare, home child care is the better choice because there is more interaction between the parent and the home, childcare provider.…show more content…
Another benefit from of home child care is that home child care provides a smaller “family-style” setting that can help some children feel more comfortable than in center-based care. (Family Day Care Services, 2014) “Children at a home daycare will have a one on one care is of particular importance for their first year of their life.” A home daycare usually run by at least one or two teachers, can offer individualized care and nurturing. Children at home develop close relationships with each other and with the caregiver. Building a good rapport with other kids teaches social skills. A child’s personal needs are easier met in a smaller group setting. This allows home child care providers to teach children more quickly because they feel comfortable in their surroundings. The children explore and learn in a calm and controlled environment compared to the rowdiness and lack of control in a child care center where the child care worker has to focus on more than one child. Home daycares typically only have a smaller number of children to care for, this limits any children to get exposure to illnesses and providing more attention to each child. Home childcare is also a great option if parents have children with behavioral issues. If a child with behavioral issues goes to a center-based care center, they could be flustered by all the commotion whereas in a quite family style environment catered to their
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