The Pros And Cons Of Hippies

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Surprisingly, over fifty percent of the Hippies were known to be teachers, despite their free-spirited life philosophy. The Hippies are the group of people who want to live differently from the conventional American lifestyle, to leave societal restrictions, and live with freedom. Hippies first emerged in 1960s and later attracted enormous masses of young American. Hippies dressed themselves with tie-dyed loose cloth, bell-bottom pants, headbands, floppy hats, and scarves; they are almost impossible not to notice. They typically keep their hair long, for both men and women. Hair styling was not a necessary thing to be done; they rather kept their hair fuzzy and natural. For women, it is the best to put less make up as possible, because it…show more content…
Hippies’ lifestyle certainly has some interesting advantages and also some drawbacks. Nature loving and peace loving are surely ethical characters that people nowadays have forgotten. However, looking at the drawbacks, the abusive sex and drug use reflect that Hippies tend to be more immoralists. People engaged in free sex means they could change their sex partner anytime – meaning they would easily share sexual transmitted diseases such as HIV and AIDS, which unbeneficial for any party. In contrary, the habitual way of using drugs might only caused illusions, which make brain does not functioned properly. This was misconception of drugs that hippies originally thought to have opened their minds. Lastly, having no house as a hippie means they will be faced to uncertainty of the future. Eventually, they will grow old and stop become a hippie, they would not be able to travel a lot as their body weakening and vulnerable to sickness. When that time comes, hippie will not have any place to shelter and to spend the rest of their life. Being an environmentalist and a pacifist is a graceful thing to do, but engaging in unrestricted sexual contact, as well as having insecurity of the upcoming days is even more
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