The Pros And Cons Of Hemp

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Why is a plant with over 25,000 known uses and a THC of less than 1% illegal? Hemp is an important cannabis plant grown for its fiber. Opposers of hemp believe that hemp is outdated and is too similar to marijuana. Often times hemp gets confused with marijuana; however, the resemblance is the only similarity between the two plants. The US government forever ruined hemp’s reputation when it incorrectly categorized marijuana and hemp as being the same crop in 1937. Industrial hemp is a harmless crop that can be used to make anything ranging from medicine to paper products. The use of industrial hemp is a much better solution for the economy and the environment versus other expensive and dangerous alternatives.
Growing hemp in the United States has not always been illegal. Thomas Jefferson and George Washington both cultivated hemp for its industrial uses. George Washington was a hemp
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It’s one of the strongest and longest lasting natural textile fibers. Hemp is a very affordable crop to produce. It requires little maintenance and it could replace other expensive and non-effective alternatives such as trees. One example of this would be to replace wood fibers with hemp fibers to make paper. This method would be much less expensive and it would save trees. Another benefit of producing hemp would be the increase of job opportunities for Americans. Lots of jobs would be required to produce industrial hemp. When Brandon Rook interviewed a Tennessee farmer about hemp, the farmer notes, “I think this is a wonderful thing for the state and the country. Anytime you can start growing a product, especially an agriculture product in the United States that you’re not having to import it creates jobs” (“Tennessee Farmers Excited about the Possibilities of Growing Hemp,” 2015). Hemp would stimulate the economy and create many jobs opportunities for

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