The Pros And Cons Of Health Insurance

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Health Insurance
Everyone though out the United States are being to have some sort of health insurance since legislations passed the patient protection affordable care act that began in the beginning of 2014. The reform act basically states all people have to have some type of health insurance and if they fall to have the minimal required insurance then will face a tax penalty. However, with the written laws the information is difficult to understand and even more difficult to interpret what the impact will be if people fail to comply and get insurance (Suelzer). Although the coverage is mandatory there is a loophole in the act making some people exempt from being required to have health insurance. Individuals who have a religious belief,
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Her insurance has a five thousand dollar deductible, and after her deductible the plan covers only eighty percent of services, leaving her another twenty percent top pay out-of-pocket, so unless her family of four experiences a major medical event, she is left paying astounding out-of-pocket expenses, ultimately getting into hundreds of thousands of dollars out-of-pocket. So for her it does not seem like it is worth having the health insurance because of the amount she has to still pay out-of-pocket, for her she stated that it would be cheaper to just pay the penalty for not having any insurance at all.
Although the insurance market should offer more attainable health insurance for everyone, with the healthcare reform act insurance companies have increased their rates to levels that many people cannot even pay. However, because the government is requiring people to get insurance and keep insurance from year to year, they have no other choice but continue to pay insurance premiums to at least have the bare minimum coverage as required to prevent being subjected to penalties (Health Reform Database: Explanation of

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