The Pros And Cons Of Health Care

American healthcare has been struggling to find a cost that pays enough to cover medical care but is not too expensive for the American people. The government wants every American to have healthcare in the U.S; they are trying to make the U.S a healthier place. In 2010 president Obama signed the Affordable Healthcare Act into law. (ACT) “The Affordable Care Act puts consumers back in charge of their health care. Under the law, a new “Patient’s Bill of Rights” gives the American people the stability and flexibility they need to make informed choices about their health.” (HHS, 2015) This Law also makes it where everyone who can afford health care must buy it otherwise a penalty will occur to that person. By allowing demanding all citizens to…show more content…
Our nation’s current health in America is poor we have an epidemic of obesity, “More than one-third (34.9% or 78.6 million) of U.S. adults are obese.” (CDC, 2015) People are demanding better drugs, procedures, and technology which all cost money to research. In this day and age people want things to be done as fast as they can and want it when they want it. Healthcare is being misused, we use a method called defensive care to reduce chances other problems arise but cost more for tests that are not necessary. Now that every person is required to have healthcare it affects people in the middle class that make enough to sustain their families but not much more and they are now required to have healthcare make living life a struggle for them. Cost to manage a hospital are raising paying their workers more expensive technology, one thing that can really affect the cost of healthcare is, “Hospitals assume those costs as part of their legal duties to provide "charity care." (kavilanz, 2012) Hospitals are required to help people in need no matter what. The US needs to focus on preventative healthcare over healthcare. People live longer today but are living unhealthy, they eat food that is not good for them they smoke and live a life that is harmful to their health. Our nation need to be better educated about health and a healthier…show more content…
By having health insurance they are put in priority over people who are uninsured. With the increase of people being covered it can have a negative effect because more people will be on transplant list, making the waiting time be longer which could be fatal to some people. Healthcare has come along was new technological advance making care safer and faster, new drugs to stop infections and improve body performance, and better communication between doctors and hospitals. “Health care economists estimate that 40–50% of annual cost increases can be traced to new technologies.” (Callahan, 2008) With these great advances in technology they do have their the past ten years more hospitals have been built in the US to accommodate the rise of people using healthcare. Doctors can refuse to care for people that have Medicaid and they do. The main reason doctors refuse to care for people that have Medicaid is that the government only pay a small reimbursement fee and the doctors lose out on the total amount they should have received.” a study in the health policy journal Health Affairs found that 33 percent of primary care physicians weren’t accepting new Medicaid patients.” (Mathews, 2013) If Obama care becomes a universal healthcare the government will have to find a way to force doctors into complying and providing services. As nice as universal

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