The Pros And Cons Of Hackers

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Should you hire a hacker in your company?
As the technology develops, people became anxiety about their data security and privacy. The term “Hacking” became popular by computers but nowadays hackers are treating people who uses any device which has a network connection such as computers, mobile phones, tablets even TV’s. More or less everyone has some idea about hacking and hackers, but what actually is hacking and what a hacker really does? Hacking actually is a technique to understand features of different systems and modify them with reference to people’ needs. Besides, because of there exist some hackers who use hacking for evil purposes, hacking is the best way to prevent them not to people get harmed. Hacking should be well understood due to the fact that most people know that hacking serves to steal information from someone and it is used to rob accounts for self-gain which we call them black hat hackers. However, there is another perspective which claims that some hackers use hacking to provide security and bring the truths to light to let people know and we call them white hat hackers. Although hacking could be used for evil purposes, it has invaluable benefits for improving defense systems. For this reason, hackers the ones who owns a white hat should be hired as network security managers in companies.

One of the most important reason for why hackers should be hired in companies is; their talents in exploiting systems. The idea is that if you could exploit a system than the rest is the easiest part to fix it. By this way a hacker could find the unprotected ways to your valuable data and fix them against a possible unauthorized access try to your data. For instance, Kevin MITNICK is a hacker who seeks for the weaknesse...

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... their privacy while surfing on web. Thus, people are afraid from hackers. Hackers could affect their friendships, relationships, negatively or stole something from them. Also governments are in the scope of some hacker protester groups such as RedHack in Turkey and Anonymous. These hackers groups had hacked some of the governments systems and stole data as a protest.

To conclude, in the world we live in computers, mobile phones, TV’s, network connections are in everywhere. These beautiful technology products threats privacy of the data. Hackers could easily own our private data by hacking but on the other hand hacking is an excellent way to find & fix vulnerabilities and build stronger defense systems. In spite of the fact that there is a tremendous danger, with a few safety precautions hackers could be hired in companies at network systems security management.
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