The Pros And Cons Of HIV/AIDS

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HIV/AIDS is a very new disease discovered only 30 years ago. No one knows for sure how the disease came to be, but the fact that is extremely deadly (in fact one of the leading causes of death worldwide) cannot be disputed. Since signs and symptoms of HIV are pretty much invisible at first, it is nearly impossible to know when and where HIV first started. The pandemic began in the 1970s when it spread to five continents; North America, South America, Europe, Africa and Australia. There was a, “period of silence” during this time because people were afraid to say that they had contracted this new virus and were not aware of its severity. Due to this period of silence it is said that anywhere from 100,000-300,000 people become infected from 1970-1980. HIV transmission can occur in three ways: sexual transmission, transmission through blood and mother to child transmission ( Since the means in which the disease is spread are very complex, it became clear very shortly after the disease was recognized that something needed to be done at a global level. When looking at HIV, there are many areas…show more content…
One of the programs is called Partnership For Health. This program uses repetition, message framing and reinforcement in healthcare settings. It aims to increase HIV positive patients knowledge and motivations to practice safe sex. The program consists of the training of clinical staff, ongoing communications with patients, monitoring and evaluation ( Public health strategies are also installed to fight HIV transmission. Counseling, testing and referral is a program in place to reduce HIV transmissions. It is activities designed to increase patrons’ knowledge of their HIV status, encourage and support risk reduction and secure needed referrals for appropriate services

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