The Pros And Cons Of Gun Control

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I have never understood how someone could take a gun and shoot someone or multiple people. My thoughts on control are very strong I believe that if anyone want to own a gun they should be required to have a mental and criminal background check. Although many people may pass it will help with the small percent that doesn’t. Which can lead to a decrease in number of shootings that happen yearly. Meaning it won’t be easy for someone to own a gun. The United States does not take gun violence as serious as it should be. This nation needs to wake up and realize that we need to make a rules and regulation for gun. After reading this article my stance on gun control has been influenced. I think that the computer algorithm is a great benefit to our society and our justice system. Having a machine that can predict the next shooting is a start to having better gun control laws. Most shooting are premeditated meaning people know what they are planning to the time of the purchase. That is why this tool is such a benefit for us because it allows officers and victim to stay alert. Although I do favor this…show more content…
Trump stated earlier this year that he wanted to ban all gun free zone in schools (New York Times). I know that where I come from there were many times that my high school was on lock down from shootings that happen in the neighborhood. If trump goes through with this plan than it is going to create problems. In this generation of children there is a lot of curiosity. Meaning there will be a lot of children bringing guns to school. When it comes to making decisions about school. We need to consider the smartest and safest ideals for our children, because they are the future faces of this nation. I agree with Hilary Clinton that our government need to have more consistence about gun control. The government needs to realize that gun violence is something happening multiple times a

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