The Pros And Cons Of Gun Control

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There is a great article that talks about a boy who said he would kill one of his classmates and later attempted suicide but with a team of people helping him he was able to stay on track (4). It is a good example of what can be prevented if only people were aware and able to assess mental illness. The article says, “a case usually begins with a gut feeling that something is off” (4 pg 24). Workshops on mental illness should be carried out at schools and work places. These workshops should educate people on signs to look out for. Also educate people on who they should talk to if they notice strange behavior. According to the same article “threat assessment is essentially a three part process: identifying, evaluating, and then intervening” (4 pg 24). With more people being educated on this more mentally ill people can be helped and more shootings can be prevented. Additionally, even if the government…show more content…
People argue that it is there right to bare arm. As in article says, “Desire for self protection is the primary reason many individuals own and purchase guns.”(6). It makes complete sense why people want to have the right to own a gun if they choose to. The article goes on to say, “while some argue that restricted gun ownership can prevent future violence, others suggest the gun ownership enables citizens to protect themselves”(6). The article also says “ as stated by National Rifle Association vice president Wayne La Pierre, The only thing that can stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun”(6). He makes a very good point gun control does not guarantee that a bad person won’t get access to a gun. What if even with gun control policies a bad person gets a gun how will people be able to protect themselves. In other words the problem with gun control is it is a dead end, no solution will ever be reached going down the gun control

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