The Pros And Cons Of Gun Control Laws

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As a result of the many shootings that have taken place in the last couple years, a push to stricken gun control laws has started to grow. Many gun enthusiasts don’t believe that gun control laws will resolve the problem. “Gun laws are obeyed by law abiding citizens, not by would be criminals.” (4)
One main argument that anti-gun control groups make is that the people have constitutional rights to own guns. Many people believe that guns should be banned all together. According to the constitution guns cannot be banned because the right was given to the people so it can’t be denied.
One thing that they have done is to require a waiting period and a background check before people can buy a handgun. “Improved tracing and ballistics analysis is
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“In Australia, murders fell by 3% but man slaughter rose by 16%.”(4) “Since Australia’s 1996 laws robberies rose by 51%, unarmed robberies by 31%, assault by 24%, and assaults by 43%.”(4) “In four years after the UK banned handguns in 1996, gun crime rose by 40%.”(4) “Europe had everything American gun control prominent favor but the worst shootings all occurred in Europe.”(4) “Guns are used defensively 2 million times over a year.”(4) “Around the world, countries have strengthened gun control with the promise to lower crime have only saw violence…show more content…
Many dealers simple don’t obey the regulations from the government. “In Colorado in 2012 a shooting took place in a darkened movie theater in Aurora.”(5) “From the case of 2012, people sued the companies that supplied the ammo and body armor.”(5) “The case is stating there is evidence that the guy should have known it was not a legitimate purchase.”(5) “The fact is that 90 people a day are lost or killed from gun violence.”(5)
“Victims of gun violence are going to win against gun dealers and manufacturers but they need a fundamental charge.”(5) “The gun industry ad fun sellers are the only business in America that is totally free of liability for their behavior.”(6) “Liability forced gun violence to take a backseat to the issue.”(5) “The strongest piece of evidence was the testimony from the owners and sales clerk that they didn’t have procedures or policies.”(5) “Between 2006 and2009, more than 1800 firearms from the gunship was used in crimes.”(5) “Four years after the shooting laws have hindered victims from suing gun dealers.”(5)
Gun control is probably one or the biggest issue that this country faces right now. People from both side will probably never agree completely, but there are a few solutions that can make both sides

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