The Pros And Cons Of Gun Control

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Gun control remains very controversial throughout society. Violence that involves the use of guns is still prevailant. Accidental shootings and suicides are still occurring in the communities throughout the United States. The current laws do not appear strict enough to handle the gun violence or have the ability to control it. The necessity for tighter gun control is needed. The proposed solution of creating a federal and state laws that require a national database, better background checks, and educational requirements is designed to create an excellent new way to control gun violence. However, the proposed solution contains many risks and could cause ethical and legal conflicts.
Ethical Conflicts
As more mass shootings have been happening over the last five to ten years; society has started many discussions on how to fix the problem with gun violence. When presenting the proposal to society; consideration is needed on what would happen in the likelihood that there is a large disapproval rate. The ethical ramifications could be a negative factor in not being able to get the proposal passed by knowing how society reacts to gun control. There are constant arguments when the suggestion of banning guns is presented. Most of the argues involves rights and discrimination issues. Since most criminals will get a gun if they want it; some individuals in society feel that by owning a gun; they can protect themselves better from the criminal and that crimes involving guns with stop. In fact, statistics have shown that at least one half of every household owns at least one type of gun (). On the other hand, There is many faults to more law abiding citizens being armed. For one, the unarmed will become more vulnerable to becoming ...

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... ownership is allowed. Even though this amendment is hundreds of years old, any law or person challenging the rule is clearly goinf against the founding principles of the United States. The key to the proposed solution of a national law is not to leave communities vulnerable to gun violence, but to limit gun ownership to those that can be very responsible and understand the dangers that are associated with guns and what can happen in the event of misuse. The proposed solution is geared towards enabling society to be more accountable for their gun and the whereabouts of each gun. The proposed solution will also allievate most of the illegal guns being sold and aid in solving crimes that involve gun use. Also, the prososal is designed to show that with the proper knowledge and usage guns can be very beneficial in preventing crime, saving lives, and hunting for food.
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