The Pros And Cons Of Gun Control

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Arguments advanced by those rooting for stricter gun control laws of cite the increased incidences of mortality and injury that is associated with guns. There is a general consensus that violence propagated using guns has a serious effect on public health and the economy. In the US, approximately 32,300 people die and about 69,000 injuries occur on yearly basis as a direct consequence of guns. This hurts the US economy by an estimated 100 billion dollars. The society is deeply divided on whether more gun control policies would b better placed to prevent the rampant loss of lives, and unnecessary injuries. According to experts, the rate of gun violence in the United States is much higher compared to other rich nations. An analysis conducted in 2005 showed that the lower life expectancy exhibited by the United States in comparison to other wealth countries, can directly be attributed to gun violence.
The debate to control guns has received strong criticism from people who question the relationship between guns and violence, and if gun control would effectively put an end to gun violen...

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