The Pros And Cons Of Good Sex

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THERE’s much more to sex than the genitals, seeing someone bare or even the most common goal of sex – an orgasm. Sex experts will tell you that sex is intimacy; it is opening yourselves to spiritual mingling, exposing and exploring your sexual desires. But these are sometimes hindered by social constructions of sexual behaviour – the taboos, the myths and misinformation can sometimes make something as natural as sex very complex. In light of these challenges sex therapist Dr Sidney McGill will let you in on a few ‘secrets’ to a good sex life but he will also share what you should consider the next time you evaluate how good the sex was with your sexual partner. “Let’s define what good sex is. Good sex is determined by how you feel about the sexual experience after engaging in the activity. When…show more content…
Instead he purports that the quality of sex that one engages in is based on the individual desires of each partner and being able to match each other’s sexual fantasies electrifyingly well. “So much is dependent on your intention for having sex. There are three common categories in which these can be easily characterized unattached coitus, having sex and love making,” Dr McGill shared. 1. Unattached, non-emotional self-relief -- "This engaging in intercourse that is self-serving and limited to the physical pleasures of the body,” Dr McGill said. He explains that the intention is to objectify the sex partner’s body parts without wanting deeper personal or emotional connection because having fun by fulfilling your own sexual desires. This he says is paramount as long as your partner cooperates. 2. Having Sex: “This means that you enjoy sex because you are able to give your partner a great sexual experience,” Dr McGill shared. He pointed out that at this stage relational conflicts are temporarily resolved and new sex positions or new locations are used to keep the sex life
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