The Pros And Cons Of Global Warming

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Are humans destroying the planet? Or is the planet going through a phase like it had thousands of years ago? Global Warming is a heated discussion to many scientists and politicians. Many facts may lead to believe that Global Warming is a threat. But, can it possibly be something that will benefit the planet in the long run? Global warming is becoming a problem to the Earth, but how do we justify this problem? Global Warming to some may be hard to explain and to go into detail with. "Global Warming is the theory that average temperatures around the world have begun to rise, and will continue to rise, due to an increase of certain gases, called greenhouse gases in the atmosphere."(Phillies Englebert page 500). This explanation of gases into…show more content…
"Because human-induced warming is superimposed on a naturally varying climate, the temperature rise has not been, and will not be, uniform or smooth across the country or over time."(NASA Climate Change page 26). Since humans have been causing their own induced warming on the planet 's climate, the temperature across the country and over time hasn 't and will not become uniform or smooth. It will constantly shift due to the amount of gases released can become either more or less in a certain time…show more content…
But instead of warming, the Earth cooled during this period, and if man made global warming was true then there would be a steady increasing over time. But only during that period was their an increasment and it was most likely caused by a type of solar anomaly.”(Tom Bethell) During these time periods, as the years show, temperatures decreased rather than increased. This could show that these emissions may block out the sun 's rays that are needed to warm the

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