The Pros And Cons Of Genetic Engineering

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Genetic engineering is the manipulation of genes in order to make new DNA combinations or transfer genes to another organism. Genetic engineering was first discovered in 1973 by the American biochemists Stanley N. Cohen and Herbert W. Boyer who were the first to break down DNA and rejoin it with other fragments in order to study the results of its reproduction. Over the years the study of genetic engineering has widened and expanded due to our advancement in technology and the testing of up and coming theories and proposals based on eugenics. Genetic engineering includes cloning, gene manipulation, genetically modified organisms, and the donation of sperm or eggs during reproduction. One form of genetic engineering that I have been most interested in was genetically modified babies. This is when you are able to select certain traits and characteristics that you want your baby to have as they are a fetus. This occurs by replacing all unhealthy cells or unwanted traits that cause infertility with parts of that cell from another healthy donor parent. Genetically modifying babies is a form of genetic engineering that is detrimental to society because it could cause possible abnormalities, genetic castes to appear, and parents and children may gain unwanted characteristics. Genetically modifying babies is a form of genetic engineering that is detrimental to society because it could cause possible abnormalities. Robert Winston is a professor of fertility studies at Imperial College London he also runs a research program that aims to improve human transplantation at the college. According to him, “Abnormal children have been born as a result of mitochondrial transfer,” he said “in efforts to prevent one genetic disease, you are likely t... ... middle of paper ... genetic modifying and have turned out in perfect health, but like stated before human zygotes have shown abnormalities not observed in the fertilized eggs of other organisms, such as monkeys, that have been tested. Genetic castes arise due to the inconvenient prices and the arrogance of those who have been genetically modified which could destroy a community. Humanity will become corrupt and people won’t treat each other the same. Genetics studies have not been perfected or fully discovered and traits that are unwanted could be passed down and exist in society forever. When you begin genetic modification you are opening a pandora’s box of discrimination, inequality, dissatisfaction, abnormalities, forced identity, and so much more. So why don’t we stick to traditional ways and stop trying to perfect everything in the world because some things are just fine as is.
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