The Pros And Cons Of Gene Therapy

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Gene Therapy is a modern treatment which uses genes to treat or prevent genetic diseases. It is a process of which DNA is used as a drug to treat a disease by delivering therapeutic DNA into a patients cell. The mutated gene is replaced by a healthier, functional/therapeutic gene which corrects and converts the cells lacking in protein or faultiness. Our future is based behind our genes in the body and scientists are trying to move away from drugs as a solution. Gene therapy is revolutionising the world of medicine and it could be the biggest and most helpful treatment created.

Gene Therapy is designed to insert genetic material into abnormal genes. When a gene is inserted direct to cell it will not function so a carrier 'The Vector'- a genetically engineered DNA molecule is used to deliver and welcome the new type of gene into the body to fight the disease. A mutated gene can cause the protein that is needed to be missing or faulty, Gene Therapy can introduce a healthier and brand new copy of the gene to reset the function of protein. A virus is used as a vector, delivering the gene by being inserted directly into the specific tissue in the body, where it is taken up by individual cells. Alternatively, a sample of the patients cell can be removed and exposed to the vector in a laboratory. If treatment it successful, new gene delivered by the vector will make a functioning protein. Researchers and scientists have many technical trials before treating a patient. However through the whole process the body must stay in control. This type of treatment should be further developed as doctors can treat diseases by inserting a gene into a persons cell. This prevents having surgery or using drugs. Gene Therapy treats many diseases such a...

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... clinical trials in the US. Gene Therapy is still under development however does have the potential to cure genetic conditions. It is currently an experimental discipline and much research remains to be done before it becomes a common issue. Between 1989 and 2010, 1698 clinical gene therapy trials were approved worldwide and less than 1% of these have shown clinical benefit.
The rise of Gene Therapy will create a new era where companies will compete with each other for the development of cheaper and more efficient gene therapy technologies.
More jobs from these companies upgrading technology for gene therapy will be employing more workers for development and competition.
Technology of Gene Therapy will get cheaper so more middle class people can afford treatment.
Insurance companies may start to cover Gene Therapy treatment costs however fees could increase.
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