The Pros And Cons Of Game Development

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1 Introduction 1.1 Background In the past, game development didn’t not require professionals, but only required hardwire components in a dedicated box which was designed by an electrical engineer. Later the microprocessors were utilized at a low cost in the creation of games, which enabled multiple games to be run in programmable hardware platforms, motherboards for arcade machines and consoles that consisted of cartridges (Keith, 2010). 1.2 Problem Background Development methodologies were not used or followed in the early dawn of game development. But as the ways and methods developed throughout a period of time, the simple method of game development restricted a lone programmer from developing a game and required many assistance from a lot of professions which complicated the simple procedure. This also increased the cost in developing the software and its graphic production. The 2012 CHAOS report stated by The Standish Group International(2013) represents an increase in “39% of all projects succeeding; 43% were challenged; and 18% failed”. In comparison of the previous year’s report, the CHAOS report indicates a rapid increase in the areas of succeeding, challenged and failed as illustrated in Figure 1: CHAOS Resolution. Figure 1: CHAOS Resolution Source: The Standish Group International(2013) Figure 2: Project Resolution Results from CHAOS Research for Years 2004 to 2012 Source: The Standish Group International(2013) The time overruns from the CHAOS research for the year 2004 to 2012 has displayed 71% in 2010 and noted to have an increase by 74% in 2012 as displayed in Figure 3: Time Overruns from CHAOS Research for the Years 2004 to 2012. Figure 3: Time Overruns from CHAOS Research fo... ... middle of paper ... ...ations which the team can easily re-evaluate and redirect if not proven. 3.5 Proposed Methodology Figure 7: The Process of Game Development in Scrum Methodology. Source: Keith(2010) Figure 8: The Process of Game Development in Scrum Methodology Source: Keith(2010) One of the main advantages from following agile methodologies such as scrum is that the performance of the team can be monitored at each iteration. As Figure 7 & Figure 8 the features that are committed are mapped and judged to be achievable (Keith, 2010). Timeboxing which is identified as one of the major features in the Scrum methodology aids in as stated by Keith(2010) “delivers value on a regular basis and enables stakeholders and developers to synchronize and microsteer the project as value emerges.” The best known example of timeboxing is sprints. .

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