The Pros And Cons Of Freedom Of Speech

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In the debate, “Freedom of Speech Threatened on Campus”, four panelist argued either in favor or against the motion. In this case the winners of this debate where the pro side due to their good use of supporting arguments. As for the opposing team they lost audience support due to their weak presentation of arguments. This paper will focus on one of the opposing panelist whose arguments were unsupported. Shaun Harper the Director of the center for the study of Race & Equity in Education, of the University of Pennsylvania argued that freedom speech is not threatened in universities by speech codes rather students who are judging does students voicing their opinion are the ones who are threating their freedom of speech. In order to understand…show more content…
He automatically though that because Damien attends a predominantly white campus and he’s the only African-American in his class that the professor was being racist and looking down on Damien by the way he express himself about the score he received. There could have been many reason why the professor said that to the student. It could have been because maybe Damien didn’t show during the professor class that he knew the material or maybe it seem that he was struggling during the course. The professor could have made that expression because he was shock in a positive way that Damien was able to learn the material and score a perfect score. What if the situation was to be change and the professor said that to one of the other six students with the perfect score and not Damien. Harper would not have said that the teacher was saying it in a racist manner even though he said it in the same way as he said it to Damien. It also could have been that he said it at the wrong time not taking into account that he was the only African-American who got a perfect score and Damien could have taken it as an offense. The professor never mention that he was surprise because he was the only person of color to get a perfect score so harper needed to make sure he provided more information of why he believe that the statement was racist. Then Harper argues that the students speech was suppress rather than the professors. In his speech he actually contradicts himself with what he said. The student chose that he was not going to say anything to the professor. If the student wanted to he could have let the professor know that he took it as something racist. As for this reason it cannot be said that Damien’s speech was suppress because he had choice to defend

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